The Island


Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands, or as there are also known due to their number, “Eptanisa”, meaning seven islands. Located in the middle of the Ionian sea , it is surrounded by the islands of Ithaca, Lefkas, Zante and has a population of almost 40.000, of which 4.000 are British citizens, permanently living on the island. The climate is mild, reaching high temperatures during July and August, the weather being mostly sunny and warm. The beaches in the south part of Kefalonia are sandy while the ones in its’ north part are covered by small pebbles.

The capital of the island is Argostoli and the second largest city is Lixouri. A 20-minutes ferry boat trip connects the 2 cities, while 1 hour drive is the alternative road. Other important places to visit in “Captain Corelli’s” island are:

  • Fiskardo: The only village of Kefalonia, which maintained its’ traditional architecture from the devastating earthquake of 1953.
  • Assos: The most beautiful fishing village in the island with wonderful picturesque houses.
  • Myrtos beach: The famous picture-perfect beach, many times awarded as 1 of the best beaches in the world.
  • Aghia Eufimia: A small sea-side village with tavernas right by the port filled with yachts.
  • Sami: The place where “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was filmed, with coffee shops and restaurants right by the sea.
  • Katavothres: Explore the unique geological phenomenon, while enjoying the view from the best restaurant bar in the island.
  • Poros: The main port of Kefalonia offers an idyllic walk by the sea.
  • Melissani cave: This cave with the exquisite lake that takes magical colors after the sunlight looks like it came out of a fairytale.
  • Drogarati cave: This superb cave with stalaktites and stalagmites all over the top offer a different experience to the visitors.
  • Saint Gerasimos Monastery: The island’s protector with the holly grave and its miraculous cave.
  • Koutavos lagoon: It dominates the capital’s scenery creating a great walk around the lake and through the old De Bosset bridge.
  • Saint George’s castle:The Venetian castle overlooks the area of Livathos.
  • The ROBOLA winery: Award-winning wine, with vineyards that grow only in Kefalonia.
  • Kourkoumelata: The most beautiful village in Kefalonia, wholly built from zero after the big earthquake of 1953 by the great benefactor Vergotis.
  • Mount Aenos: The only mountain –the highest in the island- where the well-known “black spruce” grows and wild horses run freely.
  • Lassi: The main touristic area, only 10 minutes walking distance from Argostoli, full with bars and restaurants.
  • Museums in the island include:the Corgialenios Museum of Cultural History, the Archaeological Museum, the Natural History Museum of Davgata, the Aghios Andreas Ecclesiastical Museum, the Iakovatios Library, the Corgialenios Library, Maritime Museum of Farsa, Museum of Radio and Telecommunication’s equipment.
  • The island is full with beautiful beaches, the most famous of which include: Platis Gialos, Makris Gialos, Xi,Skala, Mounta, Avithos, Foki, Dafnoudi, Petani, Platia Ammos, Koroni, Ammes, Ai Helis, Antisamos, Myrtos, Aghia Kyriaki, Trapezaki, Lourdas.

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