The Region

Svoronata – Livathos

Villa Agnantio is located in Livathos area, in the village of Svoronata, and more specifically in the position “Vardiola”, named after the greek word “vardia”,meaning the place where people looked in shifts for pirate attacks by the sea. It is a nice and calm area, only 5 minutes driving distance from the Airport and 15 minutes driving distance from Argostoli. There is a variety of restaurants and tavernas within walking distance, while a wide range of wonderful sandy beaches is offered to our guests.There is also a nearby mini market and 3 large supermarkets within 10 minutes driving distance.

Due to its key location the villa offers the ideal starting point to a variety of excursions and small trips.

Nearby Beaches are Avithos, Ai Hellis, Ammes, Aghios Thomas, Pessada.

Villa Agnantio is perfect to relax in a peaceful place with the magnificent blue of the Ionian Sea be the only thing interrupting the visitor’s eye.

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